The 'Too Hot To Handle’ Season 4 Cast Is Here & They’re Hotter Than Ever

Photo: Netflix

Netflix just revealed the Season 4 cast of Too Hot To Handle — and they are all literally too hot to handle.

If you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years, the hit reality Netflix show follows 10 sexy singles from all around the world who think they're in for the summer of their lives. Turns out, it's actually a "retreat," where they're to abstain from sexual relations of any kind — including kissing, fondling, intercourse of any kind and yes, self-gratification. Should they choose to break the rules — Lana, the robot who sees everything, is always watching — money is deducted from the prize fund. And yes, it's possible it hits $0 (looking at you, Season 3!) While personal growth is the goal for the villa, some contestants are focused on growth of another kind — and the drama that comes with it is entertaining as hell.

This season will be hosted by none other than Mario Lopez. What fake show will Lopez sell the contestants this season? Wild Love, where they would "harness the power of adrenaline to help you fall in love harder and more intensely than ever before," according to E! News. But as we've seen before, that doesn't last long.

Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle is fast approaching, with a release date of December 7. Here's a look at the 10 celibate singles in for the most dramatic summer of their lives:

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