Becky G Reflects On Doja Cat's 'Unplanned' Cameo In Her 2014 Music Video

Photo: Getty Images

Did you know that Doja Cat made a cameo in a Becky G music video back in 2014? Before Doja was topping the charts with hits like "Woman" and "Kiss Me More" she appeared in the Latin superstar's music video for "Shower" when she was just 19 years old. In a new interview with Variety, Becky G spoke on the "crazy, unplanned" experience.

"It’s one of those like really crazy, unplanned, full-circle moments, which is kind of wild,” she said. “And [Doja] has always been just so f*cking talented!" In her short cameo in the music video, a young Doja is seen dancing and enjoying herself alongside Becky G.

Watch footage of her cameo below or watch the full video here:

Doja Cat recently made a drastic change to her appearance by shaving her head and eyebrows during an Instagram live. The rapper addressed negative reactions to her new look on social media. "Everybody being like, 'You're on drugs,' and 'You're crazy,' and 'What has she done to herself?' and 'You need help,' like 'You need to seek help.' That stuff is so... it's really heavy," she said. "It's a heavy thing and it's kind of funny because I always was the person to be like posting dumb s--t on the internet. For f---ing example, I made "MOOO!"

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