How San Diego Is Pitching In To Help Ease America's Cargo Crisis

Photo: Getty Images

The cargo crisis in California is affecting everything from the cost of groceries to the threat of a holiday shopping shortage across the nation.

On Wednesday, October 13, President Joe Biden announced that the port of Los Angeles would start operating 24/7 to help supply chain bottlenecks.

According to FOX5, San Diego is now pitching in too.

While the local port isn't built for major container shipping they're doing everything they can to help alleviate the backup.

“So far, we’ve helped (offload) about 12 ships,” Port of San Diego Commissioner Dan Malcolm said Thursday, October 14. “We’re all partners in this.”

For example, Home Depot has hired its own ship to transport goods that were stuck in L.A. down to San Diego instead.

According to FOX5, San Diego is ideally located for land transportation.

“Our port, we’re right on a rail spur, so we have the rail line that can service us. We’re also very close to I-5, so you can get trucks from our terminal to the freeway very quickly,” said Malcolm.

“How long the situation is going to happen is anyone’s guess, but as long as it does happen, we’ve got really great minds … thinking about new ways all the time to help out L.A. and Long Beach. We will make San Diego available to them.”

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