Deep-Fried Oreos Made Famous In San Diego Will Get National Spotlight

Photo: Getty Images

Deep-fried Oreos from San Diego's iconic Chicken Charlie's will be featured in a new Netflix documentary series called Fresh, Fried, & Crispy.

Charlie Boghosian's fried invention will be included in the fifth episode of the series that is focused on the nation's best unknown fried dishes. The series is hosted by Youtube food reviewer Daym Drops.

The famous deep-fried Oreos are available at both of Chicken Charlie's locations in Belmont Park in Mission Beach and Rancho Bernardo. They will also be available at the San Diego County Fair starting Friday, June 11.

Boghosian was born in Syria but has lived in San Diego since he was 11 years old.

After debuting in 2002 at the Los Angeles County Fair and Texas State Fair, the deep-friend Oreo has become a desert available worldwide.

Variations of the recipe have been derived from Boghosian's original including bacon deep-friend Oreos, deep-fried Oreo ice cream, and deep-fried Oreo burgers.

The documentary series featuring Chicken Charlie's deep-friend Oreo is now available to stream.