Surprising This Local Artist Who Has A Past With Frankie V!

Aimee reached out to Geena and Frankie to Make Happiness Happen for her fiancé, Robert.

Robert is a local rapper in San Diego and back in 2006 Frankie V was featured in a song with Robert called “Frankie’s Neighborhood”

Check out the video!

Unfortunately, Robert was diagnosed with leukemia last year and spent multiple weeks in the hospital until he was able to get a transplant.

Aimee noted that last year was difficult for their family. Since the diagnosis, Robert has been out of work and Aimee has been working longer hours as a teacher to provide for their 3 children.

Robert’s biggest passion is making music and during his recovery time he has been producing new music.

Aimee is hoping that Geena and Frankie can help her husband free his mind from the diagnosis and unemployment and bring some cheer and joy for Robert!

Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson we were able to reward Robert with a gift card to buy new music equipment to help produce more music!

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