Why San Diego Libraries Can't Reopen Anytime Soon

The San Diego library system reported that it won't be able to reopen this summer "under any scenario," according to the Voice of San Diego.

Mayor Todd Gloria's latest proposed budget assumes libraries would fully re-open in July, although the library director thinks it isn't feasible to reopen until the fall.

Part of the delayed reopening is because of too many vacant positions. When the pandemic hit and libraries were closed, staffers were reassigned to other departments.

Now the department has 110 vacant jobs for hourly workers and 157 vacancies in total, reports Voice of San Diego.

This is why the library system actually wants cuts to their budget so they can reopen earlier.

The cuts to the library system's budget were first proposed last year by former Mayor Kevin Faulconer but the Council rejected them.

Even if the City Council rejects cutting the department's budget again, library leaders are requesting that all department's hourly positions be changed into 59 part-time jobs with benefits.

If the cuts are rejected, the library department thinks they could open by September or October. But if the budget cuts are approved, library leaders say they could open as early as August.

Photo: Getty Images