Kramer's Commencement Speech For The Class Of 2018

HOLY CRAP! Graduation day. These years go by pretty fast huh? Well, let me be the first to welcome you to adulthood.

There are 3 things I think we all wished we would've known about "the real world" that I hope will make your journey a little easier:

#1. Your 20's are going to be bumpy like any San Diego road. My best advice for you: expect potholes.

Your 20's are going to be full of them. So instead of getting mad, or confused, or sad when you hit a said "life pothole", just accept it. "Yep, these are my 20's!"

Here's the great news, every pothole is a little easier. Gets you better prepared for the next one. And by 30, your "life shocks" if you will have you better prepare, are you'll be crusing at 60 miles and hour.

#2. Don't trust boys. We lie. All of us. If we tell you were different, were literally they worst kind, so please always remember: boys lie

#3 is the most simplistic but the most important: Keep showing up 

Super basic, right? I know! But here is when you're gojng to need it. If you follow your dreams, like I really hope you do, there is going to come a time where you've had the door slammed in your face one too many times, or an unreturned call or email, or you feel like you have heard "no" for the last time that you an handle.

You're gonna say to yourself "I just can't do it!"

At that point, I hope you'll remember this. Sure you can quit, it for sure an option, But to live a fulfilled life, you gotta keep showing up, even when you thnk you've had enough.. Keep showing up.

Potholes, boys lie, and Keep Showing Up. Your cheat sheet for the next few years. I hope on days when you feel down in the dumps or confused, one of these will pop in your head and you'll think of Uncle Kramer and know that we can get through it, you can do it too.

Now go out into this world and make your mama proud.

Congrats to the class of 2018!

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