Cardi B on Her Baby’s Gender: It’s a Gangsta

For the past couple of months, there have been rumors swirling around online that Cardi B was pregnant. With her debut album on the horizon and tour with Bruno Mars coming in the fall, fans waited with baited breath for Bardi to confirm the news. The 25-year-old rapper finally puts the rumors to bed once and for all when she debuted her baby bump in a tight-fitting white gown on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. With her secret finally out in the open, fans began speculating about the sex of the baby.

Stopping by The Breakfast Club this morning, Cardi didn’t shy away from speaking about her pregnancy. Of course, DJ Envy and Charlagmagne Tha God pressed press Cardi about whether or not she knows the baby’s gender already. Cardi, of course, gave the most Cardi B answer ever. “It’s a gangsta,” she said, sidestepping comments about how her sister Hennessy may have accidentally revealed the rapper is expecting a little girl.

After the big reveal on Saturday Night Live, Hennessy took to Instagram to share a touching messing for her sister. She may let slip some big news in the process, though, as she referred to the baby as a “her.” Hennessy wrote that “a baby is truly a blessing from God I know how much you always wanted to be a mom!" She went on to write that “NOW that ur baby is coming its like it’s coming true! I’m going to be able to hold ur baby and give her all the kisses and hugs!”

Hennessy didn’t delete the comment after eagled eyed fans were quick to spot her slip up, however, she did re-word the caption. She edited to say that she will be able to “hold ur baby and give the baby all the kisses and hugs.” Only time will tell if Cardi’s sister really did reveal the gender of the baby by accident.  

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper made sure to let her fans know that having the child won’t stop her from grinding during her conversation with The Breakfast Club, as She’s currently gearing up to perform at Coachella this weekend and next weekend. Bardi revealed that her plan is to fly out to California on Wednesday begin her 10-hour day rehearsals. This girl is truly the definition of hustle.

Even though she’s pregnant and has been experiencing morning sickness, Cardi said, she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone who has invested their time and money in her. She went on to add that she’s got to make that “schmoney.”

Cardi B’s debut album “Invasion of Privacy” it out now!

Check out Cardi B’s Full Interview With The Breakfast Club below….

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