Cardi B On Her Privacy: “I Feel Like I’m a Damn Pet in a Zoo”

Cardi-B stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning after the explosive few days following the release of her debut album “Invasion Of Privacy” The 25-year-old rapper confirmed rumors that she’s pregnant with her first child during her Saturday Night Live performance, as well. To top off her crazy weekend she was the first official co-host of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.  While Cardi B’s success is certainly inspiring to watch, she opened up about the serious pitfalls of fame she's experienced since “Bodak Yellow” took off. It may look like a Cinderella story from the outside, but Bardi is here to tell you that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

During her interview with The Breakfast Club, Cardi spoke at length about her newfound fame and how she has been dealing with her – for lack of a better term – a serious invasion of privacy. Dealing with the dark side of fame - paparazzi, relentless gossip, and social media trolls – can be difficult for any person to handle.

After rumors started to swirl that Cardi was expecting her first child with her fiancé, Migos’ rapper Offset, the scrutiny Cardi was facing drastically intensified. It’s become so intense that Cardi reveals it’s affected the way she feels about her career, saying that even though she still enjoys making music lately “it’s been a little so-so.”

Cardi’s music career has obviously been quite lucrative for the Bronx native – she never shies away from telling people she makes serious money these days – she revealed that she was actually happier when she was a dancer. It’s not that she misses stripping, Cardi clarified, it’s that she misses having the ability to live a normal life. Living her life in the public eye has turned out to be far more challenging than Cardi could have ever imagined, telling The Breakfast Club that she feels “like I’m a damn pet in a zoo.”

It’s clear now why Cardi titled her debut album "Invasion of Privacy." She said that the idea for the title came up while she was recording the album. It was during this time that Cardi really felt like her privacy was being taken away from her, saying that every time she went online there was another story about her relationship or her pregnancy. “I really feel like I’m a damn monkey in the zoo and everyone watching me,” Cardi said. “Everyone wants fame until you have it.”

Cardi B has also struggled with how her fame affects her family. “When it comes to my family I get really sad because when people say bad things about me it really affects my family, my sister my friends,” she explained.  “I can take it but a lot of people around me cannot take it.”

She’s even had to cut ties with people after her career skyrocketed over the last year.  The “Bodak Yellow” rapper got candid about how some of her close friends changed after she found fame. When asked by Charlamagne Tha God on how she knows when it’s time to cut people off, Cardi said, “Little by little I just see people being disloyal, some people just want to be around when its beneficial for them, when people just brag, brag, brag, or use my name for certain things, its just like you gotta go”.

It’s great to see Cardi B’s star continue to rise, especially if you’ve been a fan of the rapper from her days on VH1’s Love and Hip and Hop. She’s a force to be reckoned with and there’s so much still on the horizon for Bardi. Hopefully, she’ll be able to find some peace and quiet after this whirlwind few months of rumors, speculation, and invasive paparazzi. One thing is for sure: nobody deserves it more than Cardi B.

Invasion of Privacy, which dropped Friday, features some of the biggest names in music, including Chance The RapperSZAKehlaniYG, Bad BunnyJ BalvinMigos & 21 Savage. The debut album has already been certified Gold thanks to the help of 5x Platinum hit “Bodak Yellow” and recently certified Platinum “Bartier Cardi”.

Check out Cardi B’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below…

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