Tyga & 5-Year-Old Son King Cairo Getting Sued By Simon Cowell's Ex Fiancee

Tyga can't seem to catch a break because now the rapper is facing a new lawsuit. Unlike his previous ones, this new legal battle is quite different.

According to TMZ, "Mezhgan Hussainy, Simon Cowell's makeup artist who he was once set on marrying, has a super cool house in Bev Hills that she rented to him for $40k a month. Tyga moved in in March 2017 and paid rent for awhile .. until he didn't." The legal documents continue that Tyga suddenly stopped making payments in January 2018 and he hasn't even tried to make up his past rent balances. So, that's why Hussainy is taking him to court

The news outlet adds: "She's suing to evict Tyga and get all of the back rent. It's interesting ... one of the defendants is Tyga's son, King Cairo ... because Tyga put the kid's name on the lease. The child is listed as 'other defendants' in the body of the lawsuit." Yes, that's right. Tyga's 5-year-old son is techniqually being sued by Cowell's ex, as well.

This news comes just a few days after Tyga went on Twitter to tell everyone to leave him alone about rumors of him being ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner's real baby's father, instead of Jenner's current boyfriend, Travis Scott. When it's not one thing with the former Young Money artist, it's the next. 

Photo: Getty Images

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