Cardi B Responds To Woman Claiming To Have Given Birth To Offset's Baby

On Friday (March 23), a woman by the name of Celina Powell claimed that she just gave birth to Offset's fourth child. 

The lady went on social media to make these accusations. In a series of tweets, Powell told everyone that she was the Migos rapper's new baby mama. This news was very shocking considering the fact that Offset's fiancée, Cardi B, is rumored to be pregnant with his baby, as well. When the "Stir Fry" artist caught wind of these tweets, he quickly denied that he knew her and a back and forth between the two went down. That's when Powell began posting receipts of previous conversations that they had. See the messy exchange below. 

Now, Cardi B is reacting to the crazy situation. On Twitter, she said, "People are so miserable they rather believe a lie just to talk about something ... you will soon thoo." The rapper also added, "Lmaaooo but they rather believe a lie cause it’s entertaining." See those tweets below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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