Kanye West Might Have To Fight To Keep His Yeezy Brand Name -- Here's Why

Kanye West is going to have to fight in order to keep his Yeezy brand name. According to TMZ, another company has filed documents to trademark it. 

"Kanye's company was outmaneuvered by a Chinese company that swooped in and filed trademark paperwork in an effort to stake its claim to the popular Yeezy brand name," the news outlet reports. "Kanye's company has owned the name Yeezy for footwear since 2013, but for whatever reason abandoned the trademark for other clothing items besides shoes in 2017. The Chinese company -- listed as Fujian Baby Network Technology Co. -- seized the opportunity by immediately filing trademark paperwork for the term 'Yeezy Boost' for its clothing products."

Since then, West's company refiled documents to trademark his Yeezy clothing. But, the trademark offices says the Chinese company now has "dibs" to the name for their merchandise. Even though West already has the the trademark for his sneakers, it looks like he's in for a very rough ride for his Yeezy clothes. 

With big names like his wife Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Teyana Taylor, Lil Yachty, Young Thug and more modeling several seasons of Yeezy clothing collections; this battle is sure to be a well-publicized, nasty one. 

Photo: Getty Images

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