Tyler Perry On Beating Blue Ivy At Auction: I'm Gonna Teach You Little Girl

Over the weekend, video of Blue Ivy bidding a whopping $19,000 for artwork was shared across social media and it was too adorable. 

The piece of art was a large, beautiful painting of famed Oscar award-winning actor Sidney Poitier. When Blue Ivy first saw it, she first placed a bid of $17,000 for it. That's when Tyler Perry bid $18,000. But, Blue Ivy wasn't about to go down without a fight and raised her hand again to bid $19,000 on the artwork. The 6-year-old and the film maker/exec were having an art showdown, for sure.

On Monday (March 19) night, Perry spoke about battling with Blue Ivy for the painting during a visit to "Jimmy Kimmel Live." “I was really, really excited to be there and there was this art that came out for auction. It's this beautiful painting of Sidney Poitier and I'm like, ‘I've got to have that,’” Perry said. Not about to lose to a kid, Perry said that he was thinking to Blue Ivy, "Oh, I'm gonna teach you a lesson today!”

Bidding so much money wasn't a major factor for Perry. He just wanted that painting. “But for me I'm thinking it's charity, it's a good cause and I'm not letting this kid take this painting from me," he added. "I'm gonna teach you now little girl! You're not gonna get everything you want!” Perry eventually won the artwork of Poitier for a mere $20,000. This happened after JAY-Z successfully took his daughter's auction fan. 

Watch Tyler Perry speak about beating Blue Ivy in the auction below!

Photo: Getty Images

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