Drake Reunites With Rihanna On New Remix To N.E.R.D's 'Lemon'

After the explosive success of "God's Plan," Drake throws a "Lemon" at fans as the rapper appears on a remix of N.E.R.D's comeback single (featuring Rihanna), which dropped on Saturday (March 17). 

On the newly-edited mix, which clocks in at almost four minutes, the 31-year-old Young Money MC kicks off the bombastic dance track, which recently closed out our 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival. For his contributions, Drizzy boasts about his lavish lifestyle and makes mention of an unknown woman, who wanted to a Bentley for her birthday. "Ayy, got the nerve to want a Bentley for her birthday/ I said, 'Maybe I could rent it for your birthday, Matter of fact I need a favor for the remix, Maybe I can get some 50s for your birthday'/ Ayy, get to sneakin' for you, bae/ Say we talk but we ain't speakin' every day," he spits atop the bouncy production. "Lemonade" appears on the hip-hop collection's most recent LP, NO_ONE EVER REALLY DIES. 

In our previous interview with Pharrell, the hitmaker explained the meaning behind the title of the track, emphasizing the flavor of the fruit. "It is bitter. Hence, the origin of the song," he said. "It's like when we all have the potential to be very fruitful as human beings, but there's certain times where people act like they're like happy for you, but when they answer your question or when they see you, it's kinda like they just bit into a lemon. And that's kinda like what it's about." 

If you want more from N.E.R.D, you can catch them perform yet another rendition of the hit at the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award. The other performer set for the John Cena-hosted broadcast includes former Dance Moms star and YouTube personality JoJo Siwa with her debut single, "Boomerang." Don’t miss the action next Saturday (March 24) at 8 PM ET on Nickelodeon.  

Photo: Getty Images

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