Backstreet Boys Want To Feed You In Their New Restaurant -- Details Here!

TMZ is claiming that the Backstreet Boys are stepping into the restaurant business. So, we suggest you grab a knife and fork ASAP. 

We don't know about you, but we're starting to feel hungry all of a sudden. A popular music group plus good food equals a good time, if you ask us. "BSB Entertainment Inc. -- a company with A.J. McLeanHowie D.Brian Littrell and Nick Carter  listed as directors -- filed docs, which were obtained by TMZ, on February 9 to trademark 'Backstreet Barbecue' for use in a new restaurant," the news site reports. 

Not too long ago, Carter informed a food website that the Backstreet Boys were looking to create their very own tequila. So, we guess that the group decided to aim a bit higher and thought of the great idea to add a restaurant into the mix. Sounds like a great move!

Since this news surfaced, TMZ has reached out to the group for a statement. However, no one's issued one, as of yet. In the meantime, get excited and start thinking. Medium rare or well done? How are you going to tell BSB which way you want your future steak dinner at their place?

Photo: Getty Images

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