The Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk Breaks Up With Fiancé On Camera

It was an interesting night in Bachelor Nation. A season finale we will surely never forget as it reminds us easily of former Bachelor Jason Mesnick. The Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk still conflicted over his final decision, decides to break off his engagement with Becca K in what was truly the most dramatic season finale we have ever seen.

It all came down to Becca K and Lauren B and while Arie said “I love you” to both women, we can’t help but wonder why he chose Becca K knowing he felt this way about the two finalists. His parents in the first hour of the episode declare they think Becca K is more suited for their son, Arie. During the “meet the parents” segment of the episode, you can see that Arie’s family just adored Lauren B. So much so they even talked about it with Becca K during her time with them. However after Becca K left, surprisingly Arie’s family expressed the opposite. They explained how they love Lauren, but Becca K is the more appropriate choice saying things like she will be more of a partner and challenge him when he needs to be challenged.

Everyone who’s anyone in Bachelor Nation could tell Arie was disappointed by this analysis. Even though Becca K is a clear winner in all categories, we can’t help but notice Arie is still in love with Lauren. It’s even apparent in the break up and proposal in the 9 o’clock hour. While breaking up with Lauren, Arie STILL looked conflicted even after saying he made his decision in the final hours (something every girl just wants to hear amiright?). Even while proposing to Becca K we saw the struggle in his eyes. Everyone on Bachelor Nation twitter did as well.

In the final hour we see Arie breaking it off with Becca K after telling us in the camera interview that he was still struggling with his choice. The break up was so real, the unedited footage really shows the emotions that ensued over the course of the hour long breakup. Fans everywhere screaming at their TV’s saying things like “Arie get out, she doesn’t want you there, GET OUT” and other screams and cries could be heard across Bachelor Nation. That and “did he even say he was sorry” were the other criticisms Arie will face in tonight’s reunion episode.

What do Ben Higgins and Ashley I have to say about all the drama? Find out in their Almost Famous podcast below! And be sure to tune in to the two hour reunion tonight, because maybe we’ll finally get the answers to our questions... Why didn’t you just leave Arie? Are Arie and Lauren still together? Is Becca K going to be the next Bachelorette? She deserves the world after that break up...

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