Former Bachelors And Bachelorettes React To The Bachelor Finale

It was an interesting night in Bachelor Nation. A season finale we will surely never forget as it reminds us easily of former Bachelor Jason Mesnick. The Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk still conflicted over his final decision, decides to break off his engagement with Becca K in what was truly the most dramatic season finale we have ever seen.

It all came down to Becca K and Lauren B and while Arie said “I love you” to both women, we can’t help but wonder why he chose Becca K knowing he felt this way about the two finalists. Well bachelor nation also can't believe it, especially the former contestants on previous seasons of the show. Tanner Tolbert even tweeted out this meme comparing Arie to the most hated bachelor in bachelor nation: Juan Pablo... 

Many other former bachelor's from the franchise including Sean Lowe and Ben Flanjnik  also shared their thoughts that this finale was cringe worthy even telling ABC to "Make it stop." 

The first bachelorette ever: Trista Sutter took to Twitter to say, "To all future Bachelors & Bachelorettes, please use the L word wisely. Please. Live in the present but be thoughtful of the future.." She even calls out Ben Higgins as well as Arie for teaching us those lessons. 

After his name starting trending on Twitter, Ben couldn't help but ask if this mean all was forgiven for him and Jason Mesnick for their mistakes made during their seasons of The Bachelor. In case you forgot Ben Higgins also told his final two girls that he was in love with both of them and Jason actually dumped his fiancé during the finale and got together with his runner up. Jason and Molly actually are happily married with two children. 

Former contestants of Arie's season and before also took to Twitter to express their critics of Arie. Kristina Schulman actually started her statement with "I don't dislike Arie.." Thank goodness she followed up with that she doesn't agree with his decision because Bachelor Nation might have turned on her for even saying she doesn't 'hate' Arie. 

What do Ben Higgins and Ashley I really have to say about all the drama? Find out in their Almost Famous podcast below! And be sure to tune in to the two hour reunion tonight, because maybe we’ll finally get the answers to our questions... 

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