Ariana Grande Reportedly Signs On To Play Elphaba The Witch In 'Wicked'

Ariana Grande's dreams might just come true if the rumors of her taking over the role as Elphaba the witch in the Broadway hit, Wicked, prove to be true.

Earlier this week, The Sun reported that the 24-year-old pop star will soon replace actress Jackie Burns for the role and it's "a huge feat" for the star. "The role of Elphaba is one of the most coveted parts to play on Broadway," the outlet reported. "Only a very select group of actresses have been chosen over its 13-year run and Ariana is in talks to take the gig. Bosses believe she's got the acting talent to take it on and think it’s a bonus that her pop star appeal can pull in fresh ­audiences."

During a Carpool Karaoke segment in August 2017, Grande spoke about what a big deal it would be to take on the role. "I was a huge theatre nerd my whole life, still am. It's what I put on when I need to restore my soul and heal myself. It brings you back to home," she gushed. "One of my dream roles is to play Elphaba. I would do it tomorrow!" Wicked opened up on Broadway in 2003 and has seen the likes of Idina Menzel, Stephanie J. Block, Marcie Dodd, Kristy Cates and more play the famed character. 

Meanwhile, it seems like Grande is also nearing the completion of her fourth studio album, which was reportedly produced entirely by Max Martin and Pharrell. If all of the whispers about upcoming ventures are true, 2018 is definitely going to one busy year for the pop star.

Photo: Getty Images

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