R. Kelly Denied Entry To Wakanda, Twitter Thanks Ancestors

Sorry not sorry, Robert Kelly. But, Wakanda doesn't want you visiting. And before anyone says that the country from Black Panther is fictional, we obviously know. But, let us explain this funny story...

Unless you live under a rock, then you know by now that Black Panther is the No. 1 movie on the planet right now. The film broke countless records when it was released on President's Day weekend, raking in over $426 million in just four days! This was a major achievement when you consider the fact that the movie was only estimated to make $100 million to $150 million during this timeframe. 

Black Panther is so loved by everyone that Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia has been "offering" nonstop flights to Wakanda, where the superhero and the rest of the movie's cast originates from. Don't believe us? See for yourself below.

One person who wants to take a trip to the fictional country is R. Kelly. Unfortunately, the controversial recording artist isn't welcomed. When he tweeted that he was on his way, a Twitter user shut him dowwnnn. Check that out below, as well. 

Take a look at some funny Twitter reactions to the block below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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