Demi Lovato Shares Details About A Dream She Had About Drake

Based off a recent message on Twitter, Demi Lovato seems to have been impacted by Drake's glorious new video for "God's Plan" — so much so that she had a dream with the Young Money MC, but it's not exactly what you think.

On Monday (February 19), the pop star, who is in the middle of preparing for her upcoming tour with DJ Khaled, shared the details with her 54.9 million followers, writing, "I had a dream last night that my shoe came untied so Drake retied it, looked at me and said 'God's Plan' with a wink." Since its release last Friday, the clip has amassed over 40 million views and prompted fans to partake in the God's Plan challenge

It seems like everyone is in love with Drizzy's recent clip, which saw the hip-hop titan share one million dollars from the video budget with struggling families and fans in Miami. Justin Bieber also took to social media on Monday to share a screenshot of the Kerana Evans-directed video and his own commentary. "Best video I've ever seen. sooooo good. here before a billion views!!" he wrote in the caption for the post, adding, "You got such a big heart brother!!" It was all love when Drizzy even responded to the 23-year-old pop star's shoutout, writing, "Thank you brother." 

After the release of the clip, Drizzy took to Instagram to share some insight on what it was like filming the video and his focus to have the clip revolve around the philanthropic efforts. "This was the toughest scene for me to try and keep it together," he said of filming one of the scenes. "Mother and son with some of the strongest spirits I have encountered in my life. I pray you two continue to find the light and the fight within your bond. Blessed to have met you both 💙"

Photo: Getty Images

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