Wendy Williams Suffering From Thyroid Issues & Graves' Disease

PEOPLE reports that talk show host Wendy Williams will be taking three weeks off from her self-titled show to focus on her health because she's suffering from thyroid issues and Graves' disease.

Williams spoke about her Graves' disease diagnosis on her show just a couple of weeks ago. “Graves’ disease squeezes the muscles behind the eyeballs,” she said, while revealing the illness is the reason why her eyes twitch sometimes. However, it looks like things have gotten worse for the journalist. 

PEOPLE claims that Williams had a previous appointment with an endocrinologist, back in December. But, she cancelled it to attend a business meeting, instead. So, when Williams went to her rescheduled appointment on Tuesday, the doctor gave her some bad news. “My doctor has prescribed — are you ready? — as of today, three weeks of vacation,” she announced. “What? Who are you? I was pissed.”

She continued: “I’ll be back in two. I’m not an heiress — who is going to pay my bills? Are you serious? I’m just saying, I come from working class.” This news comes after Williams took last week off from her talk show after exhibiting "flu-like" symptoms. 

The journalist also addressed women, in regards to her health. "What I want to say to women, more than men, is stop putting everyone first because if we’re not good, they’re not good," she said.

Get well soon, Wendy. 

Photo: AOL

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