Kanye West Returns To Instagram With Special Valentine's Day Messages

Kanye West seems to be in a big loving mood because he made a return to Instagram today (Feb. 14) by posting several different photos of famous couples. 

From Barack and Michelle Obama, Diddy and Jennifer Lopez, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Tupac and Aaliyah, Princess Diana & Prince Charles, Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt and SO much more; West has been plastering his IG account with the best throwback photos of these couples -- even though they've all since split, sans the Obamas.

But, before he posted these snapshots, West also uploaded a card that had the words "Happy Valentines Day Babe" on it. We're assuming his wife, Kim Kardashian, gave it to him, or visa versa. It's great to see the star back on social media -- for now, at least -- after such a long hiatus. Plus, from these IG posts, it looks like the rapper is feeling the V-Day holiday big time. Check out the artists' posts below. And he's still adding more!

Photo: Getty Images


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