Justin Timberlake Surprised the Super Bowl Selfie Kid (VIDEO)


Justin Timberlake did a phenomenal job performing during this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. And one of the best moments to come out of his performance was Super Bowl Selfie Kid ... real name Ryan McKenna.

After Ryan made his debut on national TV with one of the biggest pop stars in the world, he went absolutely viral in memes and all over social media after scoring a selfie with JT. But this week, Ellen DeGeneres re-introduced Ryan to Justin during her talk show, and it will give you all the feels.

Let's refresh your memory. At the very end of Justin's Super Bowl Halftime performance, Justin sang his hit song "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" and went up into the crowd to sing amongst his fans. He paused right next to Ryan, put his arm around him and danced while the 13-year-old got to take several selfies with him.

Exhibit A:


Ryan appeared on The Ellen Show this week, where he got to give his side of the story. And to clarify those memes floating around, yes he does know who Justin Timberlake is, and no he wasn't on social media or Google for that matter. His phone shut off and was trying to turn it back on to get some selfies with Justin. He said:

"Yeah, so all the memes, I've seen those. I had a video that I had that I was ... because my dad told me that he was coming up, so I pushed up there. But I had the video of when I was going to Justin, and then, I have the iPhone 6 and so that thing's slow, so it just shut off, and that's why all the memes formed. Like 'Who is Justin Timberlake?' and 'What are the words to CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!?' But I had to get the camera back out to get the selfie with Justin."

Then, Ellen had a surprise for Ryan. She said "There's someone on the phone that wants to say hi to you right now," and Justin said "Ryan?" Justin went on to talk about the viral moment, and said that he wanted to meet Ryan properly at his tour stop in Boston, and offered four tickets to the show.

Afterwards, Ryan posted another selfie to Instagram ... this time of himself with Ellen, writing, "Thank you so much @theellenshow for having me on...I will never forget this moment for the rest of my life."



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