Beauty Blogger Gets Backlash Over Photo of Daughter with Makeup On

Beauty blogger Fare Mirza (@idontneedanamebitch) posted a photo on her Instagram account of her daughter in full makeup and some of her followers are not having it. 


This is cute I mean it’s okay to do makeup on your daughter ONE time and use the RIGHT and safe products just for fun, it’s not okay if she wears it everyday lol

Some of her followers were not having it! 

  • putriirafebrynaUm no. DONT DO THIS ON the INNOCENT CHILD'S FACE .. it will quickly damge that soft skin of hers 😰.. Seriously doctors said it
  • briantesoro - Sorry. Not age appropriate.
  • amuto1010 - 2 young she looks like a bad filter I'm sorry 2 b rude but no kids shouldn't have that much makeup they should b just playing with cherry glitter lip gloss not wearing a huge amount.
  • leni.girl_316 - Erp..... This is bad.... She will learn not to like her own face....

Others didn't see the big deal...

  • karly.http - If it makes her happy I don't see why not on occasion. A lot of young girls like to play dress up and make up can go into that too. It's like face paint.
  • _lilly.kelly_ - No matter how convincing the caption may be people are still going to put other people down. No one chooses to let other people live their own lives the way they want to. Who cares I'm pretty sure kids that age would go through your makeup bag and put whatever on their faces anyway. Everyone looks so silly putting down other mums for this. I see it too much. The world would be a nicer place if everyone kept their mean pessimistic comments to themselves.
  • noel.arizona - Let her live omg. If she wants to look poppin let her be poppin.
  • akurasparks - I think it's best to let your kid decide themselves, whatever it is they want to put on their face. Actually, colourful eyeshadows are the best, in my opinion, it's more about kids artistry and less about beauty standarts. Not saying this kind of makeup is bad, though, looks cute and for a special event (and kids entertainment) why not? 😊💕

What do you think? Did she go too far with the makeup? Or were they simply just having a little fun? Tell us in the comments.