Snoop Dogg Wants You To Stop Sending Him Pictures Of Sex Dolls

Snoop Dogg has one request: Stop sending him pictures of sex dolls.

Getting sick and tired of fans sending him these photos -- but, why are people even sending them to Snoop, in the first time? -- the rap legend went on social media to tell people to knock it off. Snoop said with a grin: "If another n**ga send me a picture of one of these motherf**king blow-up dolls. I don't give a f**k about how sexy you think the b**ch look. That's a f**king doll, n**ga."

Then, our favorite uncle started speaking facts by saying any man who wants or needs a sex doll clearly has zero game. Snoop even called dudes who want them "insecure." "Knock it off and get you a real bonafide breathing b**ch," the Doggfather closed. 

Listen to Snoop's wise words for the men contemplating buying sex dolls and who can't stop sending him pics of them below.

**WARNING: Explicit language**

Photo: Getty Images

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