New Teacher Quits Because of 'Impossible Hours'


Eddie Ledsham, 22, from Wallasey, England, left his elementary teaching job due to emotional and psychological stress. 

He blames ‘impossible hours’ and unrealistic targets for his resignation. He also blames the university failed at preparing him for the job. "At uni, we were told that each lesson would require a three A4 page plan. But, when you consider the fact that I was planning seven lessons a day, five days a week, that is an awful lot of planning to do." 

He would wake up at 5:30 am in order to plan for the day and would usually get home around 6:30 pm, often being the last in the school to leave. Ledsham said the job hurt his ’emotional and psychological well-being’. 

Eddie added that it was nearly impossible to socialize with other teachers at lunchtime because he was usually still working in his classroom. He explained, "Most of the teachers at the school would only speak to me to inform me I’d done something wrong and, if I did something right, it usually went unnoticed." After about 3 weeks into the job, he went to his mom's house to talk to her about his frustrations. She convinced him to stay on and finish the school year. 

Ledsham started feeling guilty whenever he wasn't working on school-related projects despite being encouraged to have a healthy work-play balance. Nights out with his friends would be cut short because he had to run home to work on school-related tasks.

He added that he enjoyed working with children, but felt that the expectations are 'astronomical' as a teacher. "I think we should have been given more on-the-job experience during the course of the degree, as it didn’t at all prepare me for it" 


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