A Love Story Told Using Chat Messages


Filmmaker Jack Anderson dug through some old AIM chats before it officially shuts down in December and found a few messages that led up to his sister being asked out on a date. He then made a short film about it.

It's cute. It's adorable. It captures the story about a bunch of teens using online messaging to score a date with someone you've got a crush on, pre-Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/Snapchat/Tinder, etc. 

He recreated the messages using Google Chat for his short film, The GF Club. There's not really any plot, but it does a really great job driving home that moment of youthful innocence. Everything from the timing of the keystroke to the moment someone changes their relationship status is sooooo on point. 

“Several years ago, I realized Gmail was saving all of my chat history. Google Chat was HUGE for me in middle school, so I was really excited to learn that I had unknowingly been making a detailed time capsule of my life back then. It was really cathartic (and cringe-y!) to see the person I was just a few years back.”


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