Ghost Hunter Gets a Chalkboard Message from Ghost


Jim Pace and his ghost hunter team -- SPOOK (Sooner Paranormal Of Oklahoma) work in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. They help homeowners and businesses find evidence of hauntings on their property.

SPOOKS invested an abandoned building in the old town of Sapulpa, Oklahoma -- a settlement which was around during the railroad and trading post days of the 19th Century.  The building happened to be the location of a speakeasy, brothel, and later a jewelry business that 'vacated in a hurry' after hauntings took place. 

Pace and his fellow hunters set up microphones, meters, cameras, recorders in the basement to hopefully catch some paranormal activity. Pace tells of a spirit called "Cowboy" and another called "Mattie" after they found a chalkboard message response: "The Cake is a Lie." Was this a ghost or just a Portal (video game) fan playing a prank? 


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