LFO Singer Devin Lima Recovering After Doctors Remove Football-Sized Tumor

(TMZ) -- LFO singer Devin Lima has a huge weight lifted off his entire body today, after doctors removed a massive tumor as well as two organs -- and his prognosis is good. 

Lima's surgery Thursday was considered a huge success since doctors also thought he might lose his spleen and part of his colon. Lima found out three weeks ago the tumor was wrapped around his adrenal gland and pushing against all his organs, even his heart. TMZ was told doctors had to remove a kidney and his adrenal gland during surgery.

They're testing the tumor to make sure it's not cancerous, and should have a pathology report back early next week. TMZ was told Devin will remain at the hospital until then.

Devin was in good spirits post-op, even cracking jokes about the football in his gut with bandmate Brad Fischetti...

Photo: Getty Images


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