All The Tricks Ellen DeGeneres Has Done To Get Beyonce To Follow Her On IG

Ellen DeGeneres is on a mission to get Beyoncé to follow her on Instagram and the talk show host isn't taking no for an answer!

This new campaign of DeGeneres' all started a couple of weeks ago. "So now I have a new goal in life: I want to become the one person that Beyoncé follows," she announced on her show. "I didn't think it was gonna get to this point. I signed up for Instagram and I was just kinda fooling around."

DeGeneres continued: "I just thought I'll follow Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, baby goats... just kid stuff. And then I started following a Kardashian here, a Kardashian there, and obviously that led to the Jenners. And then I got into the harder stuff. Food, cats, Beyoncé."

In this new mission of hers, the comedian/host has been going big or going home. She's called on her show's guests to dance to Queen Bey's music, has posted similar IG posts to Bey's and much more. DeGeneres is playing zero games, ladies and gentlemen! 

Let's take a look at all the ways -- so far -- Ellen DeGeneres is begging Beyoncé to press that follow button!

When Ellen Put A Billboard In Front Of Bey's House Asking For A Follow Back


When Ellen Got Other Celebs To Help With Her Mission


When Ellen Parodied Bey's "Hold Up"


When Ellen Started Copying Queen Bey's IG Videos


When Ellen Started Posting In The Same Photo Layout As Bey On IG


When Ellen Posted A Cute #ThrowBackThursday Photo Of The Two Of Them


When Ellen Made Her Audience Dance To Bey's "Single Ladies"


Do you think Ellen DeGeneres will succeed in her mission? We'll have to wait and see! 

Photo: Getty Images


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