Meet Harvey and Irma, a couple that's been married for 75 years


Harvey is 104, Irma is 93. Both have been married for 75 years.

The Schluters both remember seeing their first airplane in the sky, went through the Great Depression, and even remember the time that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, but this is the first time they watched 2 major hurricanes, each bearing their names, wreck havoc on the United States.

They married in 1942 while living in Fort Meade, MD, while Harvey Schluter was in the Army. When they both moved back to Washington where Harvey worked as a barber for 45 years.  They welcomed foster children into their home over the years, about 120 in total. 

How the World Meteorological Organization comes up with storm names

There are 6 master lists of names that are used in rotation. They alternate between female and male names. So for instance, a storm name that's used in 2017 may be reused again in 2023. If a storm causes enough devastation, the name gets retired.



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