Things That Were Once Trashy But Now Considered Classy


Back in the day, these things were considered somewhat "trashy" by some. Today, that is not the case. 

One piece bathing suits

In 1907, Annette Kellerman got arrested for showing her legs on Revere Beach. She was wearing a one-piece bathing suit.

Brown bread 

Back in the day, brown or whole grain bread was seen as less desirable. Some bakers would add lime, chalk, and ground-up animal bones to make the bread more white. 

Eating Lobster

Once considered the "insects of the sea", it was often fed to prisoners and seen as inhumane to eat.

Jazz music

It was once considered unsavoury and lowbrow. Today, it's usually grouped with classical music.


Back in the day, electricity was reserved for the rich. Today a candle lit dinner is considered romantic and classy.

Women crossing their legs at their knees

Women crossing the knees was too risque at one point in time. Back then, it was more polite to cross at the ankles.


During the 19th century, it was given away for free in American bars! 

Chicken Wings

This cut was once thrown away by butchers.


Before the French introduced escargot, snails were just....snails. 


Oysters weren't always considered a luxury food item either. It was once eaten by the British working poor who lived near the coast. 


Before the BBQ world took over the use of briskets, it was once considered a lesser cut when compared to sirloin. 


After WWII, sushi became a delicacy once it got to the United States. Before that, it was just a street snack in Japan.


Before it became a popular health food, quinoa was just a grain from Peru. Thanks to its popularity, the price of quinoa skyrocketed. 

Being skinny

In some countries, being skinny meant that you couldn't afford to eat well. Today, some people go out of their way to stay healthy and look skinny.

Wearing Makeup

Before Hollywood brought Max Factor's work into the mainstream, wearing makeup was once considered trashy. 

Fresh Vegetables

Back in the day, buying and eating canned fruits/vegetables was seen as a sign of wealth... kinda like buying bottled water in a glass bottle. 

Ripped jeans

Back then ripped jeans or ripped clothing in general were a sign of poverty and even the poor would patch up their ripped clothes as soon as possible. Today, we buy brand new clothes that have rips and tears in them.


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