People Share How They Lost Their Best Friend in Life


Most of us go through several friends in life. For some friendships, the distance can be the main culprit to breaking friendships, for others, it's like going through a divorce.

When most people reach their 20s or 30s, they tend to reevaluate their identity.  This can sometimes complicate relationships with our lifelong friends. 

Here are a few stories that people on Reddit have shared about losing "lifelong" friends.


He got really religious to the point of extremism. It happened so fast that I thought it was prank. No conversation, no reasoning helped. He stopped listening to music, started to tell us we're on the wrong path and became more and more secluded. I tried my best to remain friends with him even though we became complete opposites of each other (I'm atheist) until one day he came back from studying abroad for a year. I heard he got married so I congratulated him and asked him when will have the pleasure to meet his wife. He told me "why would you meet her. She's my wife you have no business talking to her". That's when I realized that the person I grew up listening to Pearl Jam with had completely gone.


His ego couldn't handle the notion that someone could find me attractive and not him (despite him being better-looking by most standards).

We happened to meet the same girl independently. When he tried to make a move on her, he got shut down. I met her at a separate party and we hit it off.

After we started dating seriously, he passive-aggressively ostracized me from our group of long-time friends.


We were best friends for I'd say 10 years. We'd hang out every week or every other week. He moves off to go to school and meets a girl there who he proposes to. But that wasn't really the issue. My thought was "Oh hey he'll probably ask me to be his best man, we've been best friends since we were small". Instead he's got some new best friend he made at university and asks him to be his best man. I wasn't even considered as a groomsman. It may sound selfish but that hurt. It's one of his most significant events in his life time, we'd both called each other our best friends through pretty much our entire lives and I wasn't even considered significant enough to be acknowledged. I only got an invite to his wedding because his mother invited me (I denied it as it was a few provinces away and the whole circumstance made me feel very awkward). I haven't talked to him since and he hasn't bothered trying to talk to me.


All my friends had to move all over the country to find a job


He started dating my ex two weeks after we broke up.


A few weeks after my mother passed I was still in shock. This resulted in me being quiet and never enthusiastic. This bothered my friend because I was always quick to laugh and up for a good time. He said I was using her death as an excuse for my behaviour. Got in my car and never talked to him again. I realky wish I punched his punk a$$ now.


Best friend of over a decade, thought my husband was hot, made a play for him, telling him that I didn't need to know. He put her in her place and he told me about it. Had a rather mild conversation about how sad it was, and I've not seen or heard from her since.


he reconnected with a long lost love. he had a gf at the time (they'd been together a few years), so he decided to just email her that it was over (i found out later it was an email she never used, so she didn't find out til later what happened). the new gf moved from nebraska to live with us. she just smoked weed and watched tv all day and didn't get a job for like 3 months. she was also legit crazy. she'd cry all the time, blame shit on her endometriosis, and just generally be a worthless annoying bitch. my friend and i had to front most of the bills, and tensions were building. i finally blew up after he called me out on having friends over late while they were trying to sleep. so i let him have it saying how he has no right to tell me anything since his mooch gf has just been taking up space in our apartment with no job and no desire to get one. he said that that's his problem not mine - except it was because i still had to pay the difference most of the time. so we had a crazy argument and almost got in a fist fight. it all ended because i just wanted to know if they were gonna move out/break the lease, so i downloaded a text bomb app to spam him 100 ?'s in like 10 seconds. we had one last confrontation, and we broke our lease like 7 months early. luckily that didn't bite me in the ass. last i heard is they moved back to nebraska, had some kids, and went crazy religious.


Since almost all the other comments here are blaming the other person, I'll share mine:

Not my best friend but close. I threw a birthday party for him and he got really angry about it and refused to come to it. I got furious about it and drunkenly yelled at him over the phone because I thought it was crazy to not want to celebrate your own birthday since he likes being at other people's birthday parties just fine and seems to have a great time.

It turns out he's secretly really hated celebrating his birthday because his dad was never there for his birthdays as a kid.

Haven't really spoken since and it's been almost 3 years.


I was best friends with this girl for around 3 years. She even left her job to come and work at the same place as me. This is where things slowly went downhill. We ended up spending so much time together inside and outside of work and even formed a little group of friends made up of people from work. I ended up getting together briefly with one of the guys in the group on the dl and even though we agreed to keep things hush hush, I told my best friend. She went ballistic. I had no clue she would react like that, I really would've kept my mouth shut had I known. Anyway, her reaction just came across to me as pure jealousy, even though she had her own boyfriend that she'd been with for a year or so. She put it down to the fact that I'd messed up the friendship group (in her eyes) and that she didn't want her two best friends hooking up cause it was weird. FF to a work party she tells everyone the secret and ends up confessing her feelings to him resulting in him pushing me away and choosing her and her and I just awkwardly avoiding contact at work.


This was actually a best friend that I hooked up with his now wife, who at that time was a friend of mine. His wife turned out to be incredibly jealous and possessive. She wouldn't allow him to see anyone unless she came along with him. I couldn't hang out with him and have a guys night or anything. I told him about it but he didn't want to make his wife upset. Makes sense to me that he doesn't want to make his wife upset, but we couldn't be the friends that we always were because his wife was possessive over everything he did.


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