Things That Would Change If Your Mom Was President

Your mother is now the new president of the United States. What changes can we expect?

Some answers to this question had us dying. Here were some of our favorites... 

All White House televisions will be permanently set to HGTV.

She will call world leaders and express her disappointment.

Every American will get a birthday card with a $5 bill.

All Federal business is to be conducted using an iPad.

It will be illegal for toilet seats to remain up.

All beds must have a minimum of 15 decorative pillows.

The official plant of the US will be the Hosta, because it grows in any kind of soil and replicates annually.

At the end of each day running the country, the Secret Service needs to walk around the White House checking to make sure every door and window is locked. Afterwards the President will walk around the White House to make sure every door and window is locked.

The President may barge into your room without knocking.

All video game consoles legally renamed to "Nintendo"

Every international incident is solved with her saying "I thought you two would get along!"

The oval office will be getting vacuumed at 1 in the morning.

Every US citizen needs to clean his/her room before playing video games.

Your taxes [would] raise to keep up with my brother's maintenance costs.

It doesn't matter how much it costs, or what you like/don't like, or if you have any allergies. Everyone is being overfed and then given Tupperwares full of leftovers.

As the daughter of a Latina mom, I can assure you that there wouldn't be any prisons as criminal would face a worst outcome: The chancla

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