DASHCAM: Accident Syncs with Song on Radio


A woman was listening to the radio when suddenly... THIS HAPPENED!

YouTuber Craig Owen shared his wife's dash cam footage of an accident at an intersection... which also happens to sync perfectly to the song on the radio! 

Owen also pointed out that:

My wife did stop and render aid, but didn’t just jump out of the car without looking at the risks. Traffic was stopped, and there was no way for the cars behind her to get through. Traffic was diverted through the gas station until they could clear the debris.- She tried to get the driver in the blue Impala to stay in his car, but his adrenaline and fear (smoke/dust from the airbag) made him crawl through the back door.- She gave her statement and video to the officer before she left. -The driver in the white car obviously ran the red light. Timing on that intersection has the feeder roads green, then the cross traffic. The white car was coming off the feeder and turned under the overpass where he had the red light.

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