Officer Arrests Radio Host For Joking With Him

Amie Scott Ceo, a radio host at 95.7 Jamz in Alabama, thought she would crack a joke at an Alabama Highway Patrolman named George Thomas before doing her radio show, unfortunately, the officer wasn't laughing and arrested her. Did the officer go too far?

Warning: adult language

Amie explained how the incident happened... 

Let me start with I AM NOT AGAINST OFFICERS OF THE LAW, so whenever I get a chance to joke with one, I try to. So last night I was on Hwy 280 approaching a yield sign on Hwy 119 when I noticed a Alabama State Trooper shoot pass me, he had the right of way. I wanted some breath mints so when I saw him pull into the Chevron, I pulled in behind him, he pulled up to a pump and I parked in a parking space in front of the store, I’m not going to lie, when I noticed that the officer was Black, I just knew that he would have a sense of humor when I said “You trying to get there aint it?!?! You shot across like a bullet and almost hit my car” laughing as usual. He didn’t almost hit my car, it was a joke………

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