Woman Created Jewelry Using Her Own Breastmilk + Parent's Ashes

She lost both of her parents before her wedding day. So she used their ashes + her breast milk to create a bracelet so that they could walk her down the aisle

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to you, Amy, for creating the most beautiful bracelet for my wedding day. I lost my beautiful Mum in 2004 and my darling dad died 20 years ago. It was hard enough starting my journey as a new Mum without them, let alone planning my wedding, knowing that they wouldn't be here for my big day.

Combining their ashes in a bracelet with some of the breastmilk that has fed & nourished their first grandchild was not only the closest they will ever get to knowing him, but it was the most beautiful way to have them walk with me down the aisle. I also cannot begin to express how much I appreciate you accomodating my order at late notice.

Your creation was such an important part of my day and I will treasure it always. I also hope to continue this tradition for my subsequent breastfeeding journeys.

Thank you again and much love,


How they turn breast milk into jewelry

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