How One Man Rescued Hundreds of Children from Death

How a 29-year-old stockbroker organized a mission to save 669 children during WWII

Meet Sir Nicholas Winton. 50 years after WWII, Nicholas' wife found a scrapbook in the attic with details about one of the most complex missions ever organized to rescue children from Prague, Czechoslovakia. 

 Winton was a 29-year-old stockbroker who lived a comfortable life during WWII. When he realized that there were Jewish refugees trapped in Prague, he knew he had to do something...quick. With the help of local friends and family, he would plan and organize an escape route for hundreds of children. 

During a BBC broadcast in 1988, Winton had no idea that he was sitting next to some of the children he had rescued decades before. In fact, he never really bragged to anyone or took any credit for the rescue.

The word "HERO" is reserved for guys like him.

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