Dog Jumps In to Take Punches as Woman is Attacked by Man

A Woman Was Being Attacked by Her Boyfriend. That's When Her Dog Jumped In Between Them and Took the Hits

A Great Dane named "J Matthew," noticed that his owner was getting beat up by her boyfriend.  That's when he jumped in between them and took the punches for her. 

After the beating, the attacker dragged the dog into the street, but the dog was unable to move since his bones were broken from taking all of the punches.  It was during this time that the woman was able to make a run for it. 

After the incident, the woman and her dog went to a nearby shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter had a rule that didn't allow dogs in the building. But after hearing the woman's courageous story, the shelter decided to revise the rules just to accommodate the hero dog. 

Why are Great Danes are so Awesome?

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