Fidget Spinner Inventor Hasn't Made a Single Dime!

Fidget Spinners are the latest fad!

A toy with 3 prongs rotating around a center bearing is taking over the world right now.  How do you use it? You simply hold it, flick it with your finger, and watch it spin.  THAT'S IT!

It has even topped the Amazon best-selling toys list at the moment.  So you would think the fidget spinner creator is making a killing right now, right? WRONG.

Who created the Fidget Spinner?

The inventor, Catherine Hettinger hasn't made a dime off of it.  It turns out, she let the patent to the toy run out back in 2005 and didn't pay the $400 renewal fee.  OUCH. 

She presented the toy to Hasbro about 20 years ago, but was turned down. 

Now that the patent has run out... Hasbro and a few other toy manufacturers are making and selling their versions of the toy. 

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