Teacher's Elaborate Plan Spoiled After Forgetting to Logout of Facebook

Sapulpa, Oklahoma Teacher Elaborate Plan Spoiled 

Megan Sloan forgot to log out of her Facebook account after being on another teacher's computer. When that other teacher turned on the computer, a facebook conversation talking about Sloan's heroin use and plans to steal and sell school property was revealed. She was also planning to steal some of the student's field trip money to buy drugs!

When officers showed up to the school to investigate, they found narcotics and burned metal spoons, empty balloons, and some syringes in Sloan's purse. Some of the syringes still had liquid in them. 

Sloan eventually confessed to police that she started her addiction when she was on prescription pain killers.  From there, she went on to heroin. 

She is currently in jail on $41,000 bond. She may be charged with embezzlement, possession, and having drugs within 1,000 feet of a school. 

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