People Share Their Darkest Family Secrets

Netizens were asked to share their deepest, darkest family secrets online.  The stories that were shared were heartbreaking, to say the least.

Effervescent_513: My sister died three years ago this October. I handled the entire affair and to preserve her appearance and memory I told my entire family she died because she drowned in the bathtub from passing out possibly due to health issues. She slumped forward and drowned because she passed out from shooting up heroin.

EllieBorren: My great grandma didn't approve of her daughter's boyfriend, so she invited him over for supper and regaled him with stories of family members who'd succumbed to mental illness and how she thought my great aunt took after them. When that didn't work, she had my great aunt committed to the state mental institution. We never found out exactly what was done to her there, but when she was released she was no longer able to function on her own and was dependent on great grandma until she died in her thirties.

_ChristyBlack: That my great grandpa left England for America and was supposed to send money for them to come over, but he never did. He just started a new family in America. EDIT: *great great grandpa. This is all I have heard about this story but people in family just sometimes casually mention it. Never heard anything about the other family though.

rustiesbagel: Hitler hung wallpaper in my ancestor's house in Germany.

HereticHousewife: There was a child born on an isolated farm during the great depression. She was born at home with no midwife or doctor in attendance. The parents never registered a birth certificate with the county for her. She got very sick with a high fever as a young child (3-4 years old), and there was no money for a doctor, no phone to call anybody, no car to drive her into town, and no neighbors near enough to go ask for help. The family treated her as best as they could, but she died after a couple of days. She was buried on the family land with no official grave marker. Since her birth was never registered, her death wasn't either. Nobody knew she had lived and died but the immediate family. None of the (now very elderly) surviving siblings remember exactly where she was buried on the property. Just that her name was Violet, she was a very pretty blonde child, and she was completely healthy but fell ill and died over the course of only a few days. At this point, some extended family members doubt the story, but I remember my mom insisting that Violet was real and is buried somewhere on that piece of land.

caravanpalaces: I had an adopted brother once. He was from Ghana and he was 9 or so when he came to live with us. I actually went to Ghana with my parents for two weeks to meet him before he came back to live with our family. During the two years he lived with us, he turned out to be really violent. He would chase the four of us kids around the house with a rotary cutter, he'd rage for hours and have to be held down by my parents, he'd talk about killing us all, and so on. During one of his tantrums he broke my dad's toe and during every fit after that he'd aim for it to cause my dad the most pain. But he was the worst to my little sister. She was only 6 or 7. He'd back her into a corner and act like he was going to punch her until she cried. Around everyone else, he was the perfect child. One Mother's Day, he gave my mom a handwritten card saying she was the best mom in the world, which was a hugestep, because he'd always had issues trusting mother figures because of his background. After dinner that night, my dad went to call him for dessert, but he couldn't find him. Dad went downstairs and found him raping our little sister. Found out it was the fourth or fifth time in the last few weeks. That launched us into a nightmare of court dates and interrogations from child protective services and my parents almost lost custody of their four biological children because no one would believe that the adopted child was not the victim in this story. After almost a year of working with lawyers, my parents were able to give up their rights to the adopted child so he would no longer be theirs legally. He went to a group home, and we rented out our house, took a road trip around the country for a year, and bought a house in another state. My mom developed PTSD from all of it, my little sister developed anger issues, my little brother and my dad developed depression, and I developed an eating disorder because of the lack of control I felt throughout the whole ordeal. But we're mostly okay now. We've all been to therapy for it. We have amazing friends and a great church community where we live now, and life is good. TL;DR violent adopted brother molested my sister. child protective services tried to make our parents out as the abusers. we moved across the country to get away from adopted child.


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