This Little Girl Wanted to Kill Her Entire Family in 1989

Beth Thomas started by killing baby birds and attacking her brother in his sleep

Her adopted family knew something wasn't right when 6-year-old Beth would attack her brother while he was sleeping. Her parents even resorted to having her room locked at night! 

In the 1989 HBO documentary series entitled Child of Rage, when Beth was asked what she would do with the knives in the dishwasher, she simply said, "Kill John and Mommy with them, and Daddy."

The Thomas family eventually contacted the adoption agency to see if they could give them any history on Beth.  Unfortunately, because of confidentiality laws, they were not able to give up any information.  At this point, Beth started seeing a child psychologist.

There was even a movie made about Beth Thomas...

Where is Beth today?

After receiving some help as a child, Beth became a registered nurse who works with children that have similar conditions to hers from the past. 

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