United Airlines forced passengers off plane to make room for staff

UNITED decided to make some room for 4 staff members on an overbooked flight. Here's how they made it happen...

It happened on flight 3411 from Chicago, IL to Louisville, KY.  United Airlines needed to make room for 4 staff members who were needed to work on another flight the following day.  In order to make room on the overbooked flight at O'Hare International Airport, random names were picked to give up their seat along with a hotel for the night and $800. 

One of the passengers was a doctor who refused to give up his seat because he had to work at the hospital the following day according to another passenger.  The man was eventually forced out of his seat and dragged out of the plane. He appeared to have been knocked out when his head hit the armrest. 

United CEO Oscar Munoz released a statement regarding the situation and is working to resolve the issue. 

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