Mom's Intuition Saved Children from Attempted Human Trafficking


Diandra Toyos noticed something suspicious happening when she realized some men following her around IKEA

Toyos was at an IKEA with her mom and kids when she noticed a man (middle-aged) walking around the area and slowly getting closer to her kids. She began getting suspicious when the man would stand next to her son. 

At that point, Diandra and her mom saw a 2nd man walking around the area.  Both of the men were pretty well-dressed and would follow their every move around the store for around 30 minutes. 

Eventually, they were able to talk to an IKEA employee and had the store security involved.

They weren't waiting for anyone. Often you see men in a place like IKEA waiting for their wives, but these guys appeared to be alone. They didn't even talk to each other. They didn't talk to anyone. They didn't smile casually at people (in fact, early on, I looked at the older guy when he got close to us and smiled... which is something I do regularly when I'm out.. I'm always making eye contact with people. He instantly looked away. That was odd to me).



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