Rent in San Diego likely to rise through 2017

San Diego sits at #4 for the most expensive market in California to rent, behind San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles. 

The main reason for the high rent prices? There simply aren't enough apartments left to rent. It's a basic lesson in supply and demand.

Back in 2011, rent averaged around $1074 for a 1-bedroom while a 2-bedroom typically went for $1323. As of January 2017, the average cost of a 1-bedroom in San Diego county is around $1754, 2-bedrooms around $2240 a month; with the most expensive areas being La Jolla, Little Italy, and Del Cerro. 

Rent increases typically slow down around the holiday months, mainly because people are less likely to move during those months. However, we might see prices go up again around the summer months. 

Meanwhile in Silicon Valley...

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