Social Media Game Driving Teens to Commit Suicide

There's a social media game slowly spreading across the globe which ends with the participant committing suicide

It's called "Blue Whale" and it started in Russia on social media sites like VKontakte. The game involves an organizer tasking teens, who are often suffering from depression, with 50 things to do over the course of 50 days. After the participant sends a pic of the completed task, they'll get assigned another.  The last task involves committing suicide to 'win the game.' 

If you don't complete the last task, the organizer threatens that they have all of the participant's information and will come after them.

UPDATE: The originator(s) of the deadly game have been arrested by Russian authorities. 

If you know anyone who needs help, please contact:

Crisis Text Line

Teens In Crisis Hotline

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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