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So you wanna be a fangirl? Congratulations. You've already taken the first step!

Urban Dictionary defines a fangirl as "a female who has overstepped the line between healthy fandom and indecent obsession," however; regardless of your gender, you can fangirl...and fangirl well.

To get you started, I've put together five general rules with accompanying examples to guide you on your way to proper fangirling + a photo gallery of complete and utter fandemonium.

Photo: Getty Images

1) You must cry. And you must cry a lot. But more than anything, you must cry HARD.

2) You must stay on top of your inside jokes.

3) You must master the fangirl language (a.k.a. pure and utter jibberish)

4) You MUST use abbreviations to show adoration for the objects of your favorite affection.

5) You must be asthmatic and/or frequently have trouble breathing.

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