Photo: Splash News

So a story came out yesterday saying the reason why Lady Gaga broke down crying on stage at the Youtube Awards was because she and her boyfriend actor Taylor Kinney had broken up due to her "insane workload."  Supposedly he told her she’s married to her career and can’t deal with all her alter-egos.  Well it looks like this is not true because after the Youtube awards the two were kissing and there is video to prove it and it’s the grossest thing I’ve ever seen!!  Gaga was still wearing that ugly mask or whatever and jacked up teeth that she wore to the show and it just looked gross.   


And in other Gaga news..

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she and her longtime manager, Troy Carter, are no longer business partners. Carter helped Gaga reach her global megatardom when he signed her back in 2007, and since then, selling 20 million albums. The alleged reason for their falling out are "creative differences". Gaga's rep has so far refused to confirm nor deny that the singer and her manager had parted ways.