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Paula Patton’s reps have denied that she has hired a private investigator to keep tabs on her estranged husband Robin Thicke. A source says, “Paula is not spying on Robin, she has better things to do with her time." It is said that she also posted a cryptic message on Instagram that read “Everything Happens for a Reason”, but that to was put to rest with the same source saying, “That’s not her. She doesn’t even have an Instagram account. Paula is busy working on a movie. All this is so new to her; she doesn’t know what to do yet. She is focusing on work. She is still friends with Robin, they are not on bad terms.”

 If you do not know, Paula asked Robin for a divorce last month for an unknown reason. Many speculate that it is because he has cheated on her repeatedly. Paula has yet to hire a lawyer to continue any further with a divorce.